Jan 11, 2024

5 Strategies To Stop Weeds in Your Flower Beds

5 Strategies To Stop Weeds in Your Flower Beds
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5 Strategies To Stop Weeds in Your Flower Beds

If you want to keep your Northeast Ohio landscaping looking pristine, you'll need to keep weeds at bay. Mulch is a great way to prevent the growth of pesky weeds while also preserving moisture, improving soil health, and adding aesthetic appeal to your yard. Unfortunately, weeds can still grow through mulch. But don't worry, with these 5 strategies, you can say goodbye to weeds once and for all!

Start with High-Quality Mulch

We recommend using high-quality mulch to prevent weed growth in the first place. For example, opt for wood chips, bark nuggets, and sawdust instead of using grass clippings, straws, or leaves. The more extensive materials and chunks in higher-quality mulch will effectively block sunlight and prevent weed growth.

Consider Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric is a must-have for anyone looking to keep weeds from breaking through their mulch bed. This thin textile is designed to block sunlight and prevent weed growth and can be purchased at most local garden stores. Simply cut the fabric to size, place it in the mulch bed, and spread mulch on top. You'll enjoy weed-free beds for up to 5 years!

Apply a Pre-Emergent Product:

If you're dealing with existing weeds in your mulch bed, Leafstone Landscapes suggests applying a pre-emergent product. This granular product can be purchased at your local garden store and will prevent future weed growth. Simply spread the product evenly over the mulch bed and watch your weed problem disappear.

Keep Your Mulch Bed Thick

A thick mulch bed will prevent weeds from breaking through. So, if you're not already spreading mulch three inches deep, now's the time to start! The thicker the mulch, the more difficult it will be for weeds to break through and grow.

Use Dyed Mulch

Another way to keep your mulch bed looking its best is by using dyed mulch. Dyed mulch will retain its color all year long, giving your yard a polished, finished look. Not only will your mulch bed look great, but it will also continue to effectively prevent weed growth.

In conclusion, with these 5 strategies, you can keep your Northeast Ohio mulch beds weed-free and looking great all year long. If you're not sure where to start or want to ensure the job is done right, Leafstone Landscapes is here to help. Contact us today and let our expert landscapers handle all your landscaping needs!

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